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Mercur MX

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Mercur.MX is a .NET library created to integrate hybrid communications to Professional CMSs and ERPs.

Notifications Flow

The following diagram describe the flow used by Mercur to store, process, queue and send notification to user devices

Mercur Notifications Flow

Notice that the flow consider 3 main types of notifications Email, Web and SMS & Apps.

Email notifications

This protocol depends on the configuration made to the project and could use Active Directory and SMTP paradigms

Web notifications

This protocol uses primary the Browser notification protocol but could been configured to consume REST or Socket notification services

SMS & Apps

This protocol can be connected through push notifications services an SMS servers

Requirements require SQL Server 2017 but could be work with SQL Server 2008 R2 works under .NET version 4.


Name Type Description Sample
IntervalSize Integer (seconds) Time interval between process execution. 10
MailAddress Text Mail address of sender. [email protected]
MailServer Text Name or IP address of the SMTP/Exchange server.
MailPort Integer Port number for email transmission. 587
MailEnableSSL Boolean Indicator of use of Secure Socket Layer. true
MailAccount Text Full account form [email protected]
MailPassword Text Account password. CMSPass
ServiceName Text Name of the Mercur instance. MAPAService
DisplayName Text Description of the Mercur instance ERP email sender service
TemplateDirectory Text Local path for the mail template library d:\CMSMailer\templates
ClientDefaultUrl Url Url for links into the mail body

Note: Mercur has a connection string to extract data from the repository. For some ERPs purposes this connection string must be for SQL Server. The connection string would connect with the ERP main repository for data extraction.



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